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Music for Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is to celebrate love, and to start new stages in your life. Don't miss the Soundtrack, which will forever mark its history.

More than thinking about music for the wedding ceremony, it is important to think about songs that contemplate the essence of each couple.

In this sense, EventosMusicais.Pro, has all the accompaniment and musical alignment, completely personalized at every moment.

DJ’s and Choreographers

Always thinking about you and your guests, animation and good energy always at first hand.

Our performance consists of an interactive show between DJ and Choreographer, with choreographies and thematic interventions for each musical genre.

EventosMusicais.Pro, has at your disposal a completely diversified team, adapted to each moment and event. We own and incorporate all types of sound and lights material, including a smok machine for a more differentiated environment.

Electric Violin / Saxophone / Piano

Completely unique, original and surprising performance.
The choice of electric violin, saxophone or piano will leave your guests enchanted and surprised, both for their extraordinary performance, as well as for the interpretation of different musical styles, such as: Chill-out, Loung-music, Pop / Rock, Jazz, Brazilian, Electronic , Classical. All of our professionals are licensed by the most prestigious national and international music schools.

At weddings in the cut-cake or Aperitifs, in corporate events or in the other situations, there is no party that does not need an animation, and therefore EventosMusicais.Pro gives wings to the imagination and creates unique scenarios with you.


An event full of originality. Our service with harp consists of reproducing a calm, divine atmosphere and at the same time beautify your space even more.

The repertoire is very diversified and adapted to each circumstance and to the taste of each client.

It will make every moment really emotional, a true fairy tale.

Jazz / Pop / Brass Band

Musical entertainment at your wedding or event is one of the fundamental aspects of the whole organization of a party.

Having live music is infinitely synonymous with memorable moments and in that sense, we have at your disposal a wide range of musical bands with different styles, from Jazz, Pop / Rock, to Latin American music, to the typical Brass Band.

The experience of each group, takes us to travel through a wide repertoire suitable for each moment of your party.

Children's Animation

The children's animation, made up of excellent professionals in the field of education, will allow your younger guests to enjoy different activities on your day such as: traditional games, board games, facial paintings, balloon modeling, painting and drawing atelier, manual work, among other games.